Why bats show up inside

Why bats show up inside

How bats get into your living space


Bats live in colonies. If you find a bat inside your home, you have a bat problem.

Bats can show up inside anytime, but mostly appear during hot weather (July-September).

Bats do not live in attics, which are too hot in the summer, and too cold in winter; however, they often pass through attic spaces, leaving their droppings behind.

Bat live primarily in interior walls (which offer protection and stable temperatures); these walls have pipes, wires and ducts, giving bats a path to move about the home.

Hot weather drives bats towards cooler spots (i.e. the basement).

Holes around pipes, wires, and duct-work are where most bats enter the living space (especially in unfinished basements or furnace rooms).

Once inside, bats can move from room to room by crawling under doors or through duct-work (which is why people find them in their bedrooms).

Bats leave scent trails for other bats to follow. Once they discover a way in, they will keep coming back.