Tracy, Hamilton, Ontario

After an extensive internet search, I contacted Bat Control Specialists to remove bats from the soffit of our 2600 sq foot fairly new build. Benjamin was very knowledgeable, thorough and punctual. He sealed all potential entry points around the house, leaving two one way exits. Payment was completed upon job completion, which occurred several weeks later, when he was next in the area to remove the exits and seal them. Had we not been home, I imagine we would have received an invoice in the mail. Although very pleased with the work, the cost was fairly high, given our home was a new build and no attic cleaning was necessary, only caulking, wire mesh inserts in bricks and fire place vent coverage. That being said, Benjamin repaired and reinforced a previous shoddy squirrel removal set up by Halton Wildlife at no charge and all work comes with a five year, transferable warranty.