Deb. H. From London, Ontario

“I’ll be able to sleep tonight!”

Even though this particular Friday started with a bat in the house, I consider it one of my best as I had the pleasure of meeting Ben that day.

Every August for the last 8 years or so I normally have at least 2 bats flying through my house.

During the week in July 2015 I ended up having two – the last one when I felt a “flutter” on my shoulder on Friday at 4 am and then heard it flying around the house. Shutter….

I then decided I just couldn’t take this anymore and went on the Internet and was so fortunate to call Ben.

He was at a customers but took the time to talk to me and explain that I had a “bat colonies” living in my house and they have a place where they can go out to feed and come back into the house through this entrance (or entrances). There are the odd bat that finds it’s way into the house instead.

He fully explained what he does to make sure that the bats that leave the house can not find their way back in.

Both Ben and I live in London and I was so lucky that he was able to come over that Friday afternoon. I expected him just to look at what needed to be done and provide an estimate and make a date in the future to do the work required.

I was so relieved to find that he came to do the job! He was here for a good 3 hours during which time he was able to pinpoint their entrance point and put a “bat door” (not the right word – but it’s prevent them from re-entering the house). Other work included caulking all around the house and putting screening on the roof vents.

During this time he answered all my questions and concerns.

His experience, extreme bat knowledge and kindness help “calm” me down. He took all the time I needed to be reassured.

That was 4 weeks ago and NO bat in sight since that Friday at 4 am.

As I said – it was my lucky day as I met Ben who gets an A+++ in my books.

I highly recommend him if you have a bat problem and fully read his Web-site information as it is so informative. And his work is guaranteed for 5 years. (One place I called – 1 year only – no thanks.)

This grateful customer gives Ben a 12 out of 10 and a great big THANKS.