Aurel K. London, Ontario

We recently moved into a 30 yr old home and to our dismay found that we had a sizable bat infestation. After doing much research I decided to contact Bat Control Specialists. Benjamin Vaughan answered promptly and took the time to listen to my problem thoroughly. He put me at ease immediately and said that no infestation was insurmountable and outlined what his company would do to get rid of the bats and (more importantly) keep them from returning. Benjamin’s knowledge of his subject matter is encyclopedic (that’s wikipedic to all of you new fangled folk) and he will take considerable time and care to explain the wheres, whys and hows to you and to answer any question you may have. While on our job I heard him take calls and take the same time with each potential client (while he worked!). I find his professionalism very refreshing in this day and age of declining customer service and he is to be commended for it. His thoroughness is unbelievable ( he actually looked at my house on Google Earth while I was talking to him initially so that he would have a better understanding of the situation and it’s possible scope!) When Benjamin and crew arrived on site days later, they were very courteous and professional and explained everything they were going to do beforehand and they took the time to show me what materials they would use and why. They surveyed the situation and installed bat exclusion vents (one way doors) at the main points of ingress and egress. This would allow the bats to leave the building but not to re-enter. They then proceeded to seal every single nook and cranny that a bat might use, and I mean EVERY tiny little nook and cranny. They worked very methodically, systematically and carefully and went over every inch of the house. The work they did and the material they used did nothing to spoil the appearance of our home and you would be very hard pressed to even see evidence of their work unless I pointed it out to you. They cleaned up the site thoroughly after they were done and left zero evidence of their work.We are very pleased with the work they did and I’m happy to say still bat free. It’s not an expense we had factored on but as with anything in life, you get what you pay for and I’m extremely pleased that we chose the right people for the job. And I made a new friend to boot because Benjamin is just one of those people. I highly recommend Bat Control Specialists and Benjamin Vaughan.