They won’t pay? Make ‘em rue the day! (That they messed with you)

Ripped off by a non specialist? Use my (almost) magical method to get your money back.

This is remarkably easy to do.

Today with the internet you have more power than ever. Because negative reviews online can destroy a business, just the threat of a one is often enough to get a refund.

It may sound odd but the “non specialist” who messed up is likely a nice guy who had good intentions. This is an embarrassing for them and must be handled carefully.

Start by sending them an email or registered letter. Here is a simple template you can follow. (People tell me that it is amazingly effective).

Dear ___________,

I feel bad doing this.  It makes me uncomfortable.

I still have a bat problem.

Despite your hard work (which I appreciate) they continue to be a problem.

I could not let this continue so I hired a bat specialist company.

I am now requesting a full refund from you because I need that money to pay them.

If you agree to pay me a full refund, I will do the following

1.Post a positive business review on the website of your choice.

2. Return my copy of the contract and any related paper work.

3. Give you a signed letter promising to not post any negative online reviews about you or your company.

Again I feel mean doing this.  It makes me uncomfortable.

However my primary goal is to fix the bat problem.

Therefore, if I do not get a refund, I will post negative reviews on

– Google Reviews
– Better Business Bureau (BBB)

I will also file a complaint with the BBB and the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial affairs.

I do not wish to hurt you or your  company. I appreciate your efforts and  believe you tried your best but I need this fixed and cannot afford to pay twice.

Please contact me anytime to have an amicable discussion about this.




The (almost) magical method will maximize your chances of getting a refund

The trick is to not embarrass anyone or threaten directly. Remember, we want results not revenge! We always paint it as a choice between being a good person or a thief (this works because we all think of ourselves as good). .

However if this fails then you must follow thru with the complaints and reviews because it will cost them dearly and because you will be helping others.

And remember. Do not be a victim! They won’t pay? make ‘em rue the day! (that they messed with you). It will be awesome. Now, go get ’em!

Benjamin Vaughan/Bat Control Specialists.