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Bat problems can seem strange, mysterious and very confusing. There is tons of information on the internet about  bat removal. Much of it conflicting. It would confuse anyone. But fear not.

I am a bat control specialist and I promise to clear away all the smoke, mystery and confusion. Soon you will understand residential bat problems and be able to make smart decisions.

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Over 20 Years Of Experience Removing Bats

Bat control is all that we do and with over 20 years of specialized experience you can be guaranteed that the job will be done right the first time.

We do bat control work all around the Port Stanley area and no job is too big or too small.

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Bat Control Specialists Serves The Port Stanley Area

Take back your home

Winning Bat Control Explained:

1. We install clever devices called ‘exclusion vents’ that let bats out, but not back in.

2. We bat-proof the entire exterior of your home.

3. All the bats leave within a few days and cannot get back in.


You live happily ever after.

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For A Free Estimate

Call or email us for a free estimate on removing the bats from your home.


Bat Removal 10/10

Bat Removal, Review

Benjamin from Bat Control Specialists is super knowledgeable, professional and thorough. My husband and I are beyond happy with how quickly and efficiently Benjamin worked to remedy our bat infestation. We would recommend Bat Control Specialists to anyone and everyone with a bat problem- This company knows their stuff and delivers beyond your expectations!

Bat Proofing Our House 10/10

Bat-Proofing and Bat Removal, Review

We contacted Benjamin from Bat Control Specialists to come and “Bat Proof” our home . The first thing he did was provide us with an explanation of Bats in general and why Bat Proofing your home is the best and safest way to permanently remove bats from our house (attic). We found Benjamin to be very passionate and thorough in the work he did to bat proof our house which comes with a five year guarantee. Bottom-line, we are very satisfied and would highly recommend him to others who have encountered bats in their house.

Bat Removal 10/10

A Bat Free Home, Review

From my first phone conversation with Benjamin I new that he was a specialist in Bat Removal. Benjamin’s work was neat, and clean, he respected my home and his work showed that. As promised within a couple of days my home was bat free, I could sit on my back porch and have coffee once again. I would highly recommend Benjamin he is very personable and very professional. Thank you Benjamin