How To Get An Online Quote From Us

How To Get A Quote From Us.

Make sure that any exterior repairs or renovations are complete before sending  photos.


Clients often send us photos of things they believe are most relevant.

However the photos we need are overview photos taken from further back.


1.Take Photos Of All The Sides Of Your Home.


Stand about 15-20 feet back when you take the pictures. Overview photos that show the entirety of each side is best. (If possible)

(Here are some examples of the kinds of photos we need.)



Be sure to include pictures of additions & attached garages.



2. Take photos of any problem areas or places where you suspect bats get in. (These photos are optional and are not needed if you are unsure where bats enter/exit the building).


photos of bat problem areas on a house

Email photos to [email protected]

Text photos to 519 639-6379

We will assess them and get back to you with a rough quote.